Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Voice of Eye-ST,tape,1990,USA

Voice Of Eye is the duo of Bonnie McNairn and Jim Wilson. The two started playing together when Bonnie joined the avantgarde ensemble Cruor based in Houston (Texas). When they parted ways with Ure Thrall, the other members continued on as the noise/industrial combo Esoterica Landscapes 7. Later the group reduced still to become just Bonnie and Jim as Voice Of Eye. In the early 1990's, they collaborated with Ure Thrall's Terminus (2) project and became Asianova, which is long defunct, but still trickling out archival material. Since relocating from Texas to rural New Mexico, they have disappeared from the public eye. Voice Of Eye's specialty is "organic sound sculpting": a form of electronic ethnic ambient music that relies mainly on electronic drones and manipulated instruments. Of particular note is that Jim Wilson has built several special instrument for the group.
Dark drioning industrial soundscapes at it's best!Using only handmade and acoustic instruments (no samplers/synthesizers), VOICE OF EYEs beautifully dense and atmospherically-charged work summons shadowy, obscure , and ancient spirits.
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MeltedRubberSoul said...

Beauty and despair. Loved it. Thank you, as always.