Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Aroma Di Amore - Koude Oorlog(1983)+Koudvuur(1987),LPs,Belgium

AROMA DI AMORE have always been outsiders, even within the confinement of the alternative rock circuit.
Their peculiar blend of raw guitars, electronics, Dutch lyrics and unconventional song structures was too hybrid for many. Those howewer who, without prejudice, would lend an ear to the band's music, discovered an energetic, authentic and uncompromising collective that stood above all trends. While so many Belgiaan "connaisseurs" had their doubts about the possibilities of international recognition for a band singing in Dutch, AROMA FI AMORE toured France, Switzerland and Spain; their records figured in alternative charts from Poland to Canada.
From beginning to end the nucleus of AROMA DI AMORE consisted of Elvis PEETERS, who in a inimitable, possessed way delivered his highly original lyrics, and Fred ANGST, guitarist mastering the heaviest riffs as well as refined tapestries of sound.
Furthermore, the line-up varied throughout the band's carreer with:- H.K. (Guitarist from 1982 until 1983)- Andrea SMITS (Organ from 1982 until 1985)- Luc PILLARDS (Synthsizer in 1986)- Jan WANDELAAR (Guitar and synthesizer in 1986)- Pulcherie (Saxophone in 1983)- Wout DOCKX (Bass from 1987 until 1988)and especially- Lo MEULEN (Bass from 1983 until 1987)and the late Frits DE CAUTER (Saxophone from 1984 until 1986)contributing to the music.
Great and much underrated band ,playing a mix of goth and early 80s post punk...worth trying it at least!
get them here +the 2 missing songs from Koude Oorlog here and here


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the nice Aroma Di Amore post ... unfortunately the two "missing tracks" links don't seem to be working.

Kraken Soundscapes said...

Thx for posting this. Used to live in the same street as one of the bandmembers. Very good Belgian stuff way to underestimated. Still have tons of oyher stuff from them , all quality.Here is a link they provide on their website with free downloads:

Anonymous said...

Elvis Peeters is nowadays a writer together with his wife. They wrote "wij" (we) about teenagers who do anything to stand out by causing accidents, incidents and even suicide. Fred Angst made some solosingles for 1 I know "november"

Unknown said...

2xCD compilation out now on OnderStroom Records with 47 tracks www.onderstroomrecords.net

Anonymous said...

i'll try this.Thanks for the music,so important in patagonian winters.Greetings from deep south.Diego

julio said...

Fallen link, please can rise again,thanks

jagpsa said...

reupload please