Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Probably my favorite of his many solos recordings, this wickedly brilliant missive from Samla Mammas Manna/Von Zamla mastermind Hollmer (his third) was recorded concurrent with his work in Von Zamla and their propensity for wedding the celebratory and giddy to the tensely anxious (one of the factors that make Von Zamla a high water mark of the whole R.I.O. canon) is writ large over the course of this album. Several of the insanely infectious themes contained within these cuts have spent 20+ years wheeling around in my mind relentlessly and these brainworms are requesting fresh cerebellum to infect with their sweet madness.

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fuzztunnel said...

Enjoyable, but not as compelling as Zamlaranamma, I would say. Especially if you're describing (quite rightly) Von Zamla as "wedding the celebratory and giddy to the tensely anxious," then the tracks on this solo album more often tend to pick one or the other of those moods rather than put them into tension.

Anonymous said...

LARS HOLLMER has always been the best : he succeeds in composing fresh and brilliant yet innovative tunes, mixing folk and New music. Most of all, his music is sensitive, sometimes funny, delightful or emotional. He's an amazing composer!