Monday, December 17, 2007

Tiere der Nacht-Hot Stuff,1992+Wolpertinger ,1994,CDs,Germany

Excellent 2 first recordings by Mani and Luigi Archetti.Far away from Mani's space rock releases these are great improvisational postpunkish ethnic jazzy rock masterpieces!No need for much introduction i think here!
get them here and here


Anonymous said...

wow! nice! and thanks for your great post....

do you have "Sound - Screaming Zenith"?


Anonymous said...

you're posting TOO MUCH for two ears in 24h to consume!! it is wonderful stuff, keep it up!
i like the jazzy and though funny style of these two guys a lot!

Cellar said...

sigh, back to rapidshare i see? I must have missed something! :(

thanks for the music anyway!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for these Tiere der Nacht albums.
Unfortunately Wolpertinger is missing tracks 17 and 20 - do you know what happened there and is it possible to fix the files without me having to download both links again?
thanks very much,

Lucie said...

Is that Dardos thing for real? And the "blog value"? Very odd... and quite funny if you made it up.

Anonymous said...

thanx from urkenny