Friday, December 28, 2007


Great Spanish electronic post punk/cold wave band.This is their 1st lp released in 1984.Minimal synth all through,angst vocals,the typical cold waveish bassline....reminds me a mix of Sad Lovers and Giants,Chameleons and "european period" Tuxedomoon at times.
All these with the Spanish temperament of course.Awesome record.
get it here
All infos found were in spanish so if anyone could help ,it would be much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

I`m a big fan of Claustrofobia, and i really love this album.
This was their first LP , Later they released "el silencio" ( maybe my favourite),"repulsion" ( with Robert Wyatt the most aclaimed album)), "un chien andaluz" "encadenados" and finally "les tresors ( a compilation).
THe leader of the band was Pedro burruezo who now has a new band called Pedro Burruezo&Bohemia Camerata.They have released a great album in the 2006

Thanks so much for this wonderful blog.

There is a really good url with great info: (only spanish and catalan)

Satan_My_Lord said...

I am sure that comments are always welcome, even when they are negative ones.

So, I don't regard this record as an awesome one...and i am having difficulties in locating electronic post punk elements.

many wishes for the new year...

Anonymous said...

I would like you to gimme other album of this band. i want to listen to "Repulsion".

Anonymous said...

First of all, I admire your posts a lot. But I never find anything of
Caspar Brötzmann. His early albums
do the thing! Maybe you can help me out!
Thanks anyway.

Likedeeler said...

thanks for this record! a nice specimen from an exciting period in spanish (music) history.

as for the information on, i think google translate, although far from perfect, will transform it into reasonably understandable english for you.

best wishes

Anonymous said...

What doe Spanish musicians know about
post-punk or coldwave anyway? I listened to
this album and I must say they sound
more like a F*** European Soundfesival Band.

Anonymous said...

Do you have LE SYNDICAT ELECTRONIQUE ? I'm looking everywhere. Thanks for all the great music.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any LE SYNDICAT ELECTRONIQUE, or groups similar?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cab dijo...
What doe Spanish musicians know about
post-punk or coldwave anyway?
What a silly comment...They know about the same than Arkansas guitarists or Antarctic trompetists.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Mutant Sounds. This is great! Any more Claustrofobia would be welcome. There doesn't seem to be anything to speak of available on other blogs. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Cool! Thank you for posting!

gesticulador said...

Any chance to post repulsión?
thanks for your lovely work.
Join the group!

Roddus said...

I do hope this is on the reup list

Anonymous said...

resubelo por favor bracias