Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Coma-Financial Tycoon ,badly uploaded file

Dear friends,

just found out(thanks to spacefreak), that in the aformentioned post the link leads to a badly uploaded file ,that incudes 2 songs less than the original rar file.Sorry about that....i will fix it within the next 2-3 days.



Well.....speakin' of mutant sounds


Anonymous said...

Hi there, just wondering what happened regards to posting of the missing Coma - Financial Tycoon tracks? I've been checking back here since you made this post and I haven't noticed the new link posted anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Hello my friend. First of all thanks again for the music. Recently I downloaded COMA. Not necessary to say that I'm impressed with this record but sadly the archive comes from a vynil rip with errors in the cuts of each song; the music is allmost complete but the last track wich is interrupted. I will appreciate if you fix the link.This is a "must have"

thanks again.

Francisco Ayes