Tuesday, December 25, 2007

V/A:The last Daze,tape,1985,USA

Dark perverted industrial electronics by Inner-X-Music label,aka Sleep Chamber/John Zewizz and Co. Released in 1985 and the influence of early Come org. is obvious.Maybe that was what John Zewizz was trying to do and when this failed he turned to electro /EBM acts. Anyway this tape is absolutely great.
A1 Daze Of Trance Asshole Song
A2 Sleep Chamber Dream Akoasm
A3 7 From Life Eaten By His Own Dream
A4 Hidious In Strength For Zora & Priss
A5 Women Of The SS Trying To Please The SS
A6 Architectural Metaphor Innervistas
B1 Psi Field The Summoning
B2 Flagellants Protective Custody
B3 Holy Cow MKC-MWBD
B4 Coup De Grace Aufziehen
B5 Coup De Grace New Toxick Force
B6 Sleep Chamber Warming Up In Background, Raid By Police On Last Night
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for proffering another obscure wonder. Heads up: The file count doesn't match the text track listing count, and the track tags don't match the file names.

mutantsounds said...

CDM the correct is as written on file names...concerning tracklisting the last track is B5 and B6(which is very very small) together as one

Anonymous said...

Ah, this cassette reminds me of two things: 1, how over-rated John Zewizz was and is. 2, how under-rated and under-appreciated Holy Cow were and are.

Anonymous said...

Wait, I'm confused. Is the Daze of Trance track just not included or what? Don't take this as a complaint or anything. I love you for uploading all this stuff. :)

Lucy Sanders said...

Thanx for you Comments & Support. JOHN Z~