Wednesday, December 19, 2007

YS-Madame la frontière,LP,1976,France

Great Celtic folk -rock LP.Much reminding Alan Stivell,mixed with more rockish tunes.Never reissued.

As requested,get it here


Anonymous said...

Hi mutantsounds,
just wondering if you'd forgotten about your promise to fix the Coma album files?
many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. . . folk rock, HARPIST Alan Stivell, and an album entitled "YS" . . . .

Why am I reminded of Joanna Newsom?

p hymn-tone said...

Well _ I salute you! On behalf of all music obsessives who you have catered for so abundantly with 2000! posts this year - thank you!
Even if you stop now you have changed the way beautiful music is distributed/appreciated. I can't show my appreciation enough.

Love always to Mutant Jim, Vdosound and Spacefreak!


Unknown said...

haha. Joanna Newsom was my first thought as well.

Timbuctou said...

I have been searching for this album for years now and am so grateful for this posting. This brilliant band, all from Stivell's original backup band, only ever did this one disc together. To find this again is a pure delight. Thanks