Sunday, December 9, 2007

Moose Loose-Transition,LP,1976,Norway

Great Norvegian progressive/Jazz LP,with much guitar and violin.No more infos available in English though,and no pic sleeve scans...any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks Andy for the links!

get it here


ushaped said...

Hi Mutant,

Info and pic sleeve scan here:

thx for ALL the music!

ushaped said...

Hi Mutant,

More info on the leader/guitarist:

Danny! said...

Thanks for the info Andy! And thanks to Mutant for the music.

Anonymous said...

Great post, thank's!!

Anonymous said...

Thank You so Much! This is a treat that saved this day for me; and many days to come. Just a bit embarresing that this gem from the golden decade of prog & Jazz-fusion isn't posted by a Norwegian "responsee".

Ståle said...

Great music. Went to a concert with Moose Loose in Bodø,Norway 1976/1977-Still listen to it,I Still have a cassette from 1976.