Sunday, December 16, 2007

Do, Mutantsounds ,a little favor

Dear friends
first of all thank you all for your continous support and voting for blog's nomination.Now i need a more personal favor from you.As you may have noticed in the upper right corner of the blog ,a new widget appeared saying:"Please vote here too,if you don't mind." This is an absolutely ads/trojans/virus/spam free voting in Greece (made by a statistics company) and the first one wins somekind of a prize. My son saw it and really asked me to put it in the blog ,since the prize appealed him.So if you don't mind take 1 minute time everytime you visit the blog till 31 of December and click on the button .Each click means 1 vote for me. Hope for your support...
thank you once again
Jim Mutantsounds


Anonymous said...

anything for the kids.. :D

Anonymous said...

Click on it each time I visit Mutant Sounds? Too bad it isn't retroactive!

In any case, will do.

Anonymous said...

will do!