Sunday, December 9, 2007

Megaptera - Nightmares,tape ,1992,Sweden

1991 sees the start of Megaptera. Magnus Petterson and Mikael Svensson starts making music after listening to bands like Test Dept., BDN and Controlled Bleeding. The result is very dark and deep. Megaptera have always been very inspired by movies and has since day one used dialogues, monologues or whole scenes and passages from various videofilms in their music. Sometimes to illustrate the music, often to illustrate the movie. Later that same year Peter Nyström joined in with the others. He had been doing electronic body music together with Magnus Sundström (Third Eye, The Protagonist, Each Dawn I Die) under the name First Aid. The three of them created material enough to fill a cassette which they sent to Roger Karmanik, and his company Cold Meat Industry. They were offered to release an MC on his side label Sound Source, which suited the band just fine.
In 1992 they release the vinyl album "Songs from the Massive Darkness", again with the help of Karmanik. During the work on that album Magnus Petterson decides to leave the band leaving them a duo. No new members are considered. After this first album their music starts to spread a lot. Important labels who contact them are Slaughter Production, Les Joyaux de la Princesse and Fluxus N2. The most important compilations Megaptera appear on are "Death Odors" and "From Sickness to Death" both released by Slaughter Production. Under this period of time Megaptera starts collaborating with Mårten Kellerman of the production team Jennifer (who for instance have produced the Morthound "Spindrift" and Each Dawn I Die "Notes From a Holy War" albums, among other things). From now on a lot of the forthcoming Megaptera material is often created, recorded and/or mixed at Jennifer's with the help of Mårten Kellerman.
In 1994 Megaptera finally release their first CD - on Fluxus N2. The title is "Beyond the Shadow" and the album consists of eight dark and nightmarish tracks. After the release of "Beyond the Shadow", they start working on new material for the follow up. The title of the finished album is "The Curse of the Scarecrow" and it's supposed to be released through Anomalous Records. Many things have delayed this album even though the music has been ready for release for ages and heaven knows when and if it will finally be released.In 1995 Mikael Svensson leaves Megaptera in Peter Nyström's single pair of hands. Due to this turn of fate Magnus Sundström, though never a member of the band, starts becoming more important for Megaptera's music. Peter writes and produces with the help of Magnus and Magnus' equipment. Their collaboration results in quite a lot of published material. The german label Art Konkret contacts Peter and wants to release a CD Peter finishes new material. This time the music sounds more like a soundtrack to a psychotic horror movie, with long and monotonous pieces. The result is the CD album "Disease", which was released spring 1996.In 1995 Slaughter Productions released a cassette tape called "You Will Never Survive This Nightmare", by cult Industrial act Megaptera. This cassette was a milestone in the development of genre of Death Industrial. Containing a re-mastered version of the debut cassette "You Will Recover" originally released in 1991 on Nuxdorf Recordings, as well as the three track cassette "Nightmares" and three unreleased bonus tracks. The formation of Live Bait Recording Foundation could be traced back to the acquisition of this cassette. So, it is with great excitement and honor we announce the re-issue of this seminal Death Industrial release for the first time ever on CD, completely re-mastered in the summer of 2006. Fleshing out this 125 minute double CD is a long forgotten 6 track live performance from London in 2006. Featuring a completely obscure set-list featuring favorites like "Someone's at the Door" and "Plague Spot". Get re-aquainted with your Death Industrial roots, or ours at least!!! Limited to 1000 copies!!!!
This is one of the very first Megaptera releases ,released privately,and exclusively distributed through Anomalous recs,in a limited edition of 6(!!!) copies.There's a 2nd edition distributed exclusively through Slaughter productions the same year but in a standard snap-case with a couple of inserts limited to around 10(!) copies!Megaptera is a reflection of a time when insanity, violence, lies, deceit, war, disease and death rule the planet.The sound will appeal fans of Archon Satani,Brighter Deat Now,etc.Dark industrial soundscapes at it's best!
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Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for your blog! I'm finding much of my lost '80s French music I so adore.

Can you find a compilation called "Doze Pour Un vol. 1"? I think it's an AYAA compilation.

Keep up the great work, and thanks!

Roddus said...

24 hours of throbbing gristle

Anonymous said...

Don't give a shit about throbbing gristle, they are so gay.

Megaptera rules. Pure sound of death.

Velkaarn said...

Thanks for posting this, I was recommeded to try Megaptera and I figure it's best to start with older stuff.

Anonymous said...

Can you reshare it please? Link has expired !!! thank youuuuu