Monday, December 17, 2007

Arco Iris-Inti Raymi,LP,1973,Argentina

Gustavo Alfredo Santaolalla, together with church fellows Tokatlian and Bordarampé, formed several bands in the 60s (The Rovers, The Blackbyrds, The Crows) to play covers and, later on, his own songs. After recording a 3-song demo tape, they met producer Ricardo Kleinman (owner of the successful radio show Modart en la Noche) who agreed to sign them with the condition that they sing in Spanish... and change their name!The music is deeply psychedelic with Argentinan/Andean folk elements and some jazzish touches.Wonderful record.

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Anonymous said...

gia sou re arhige!GAMATO BLOG!!
tha se afisei pani me pani i gynaika sou ,ekei sti rome!

Ian said...

this is incredible. one of my favorites from the blog. thank you so much.

1bnblock said...

This is the same Gustavo Santaolalla who is one of the most in-demand soundtrack composers!

Anonymous said...

tracks 4 and 7 on your download of Arco Iris - Inti Raymi are the same track. I don't see how other people who've downloaded this failed to notice. What's going on there? Also the very beginnings of some of the tracks are cut off, as are the final bit of the fade-outs on almost every track. Great album otherwise, though.


Anonymous said...

Link appears to be dead now, FYI.