Monday, December 17, 2007

Vargavinter-Röster Från Alla Land,LP,1980,Sweden

Wonderful folk rock band from Sweden ,well,actually a collectiv featuring Annita Livs and members of Iskra, Spjärnsvallet, Archimedes Badkar,Kofia, amongst others.Combining traditional European folk with eastern influences(seems that eastern music was much "in fashion" in Sweden in the mid/late 70s) and jazzy elements, they create a totally "out there" atmosphere,sometimes experimenting heavily some othermore etheral.Greeks may recognise here a transformation of Zaloggo dance song(a greek traditional song from Hepirus-check also Hepirus polyphony music!)in the last song! Overall ,don't miss this!

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anyone out there who can provide their first selftitled LP?
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Anonymous said...

I admit it, haven't left to many comments about the albums i nibbled form your excellent blogg, but i hope this will be as good as any THANK YOU i haven't left in the past.

Here is a link for Vargavinter - Same.

ANd now i say thank you so very much for the great effort you guys do in this place.

Ps. Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

i've the first lp