Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Requested just as I was getting set to post this anyway, this compilation is both a state of the union of demented French underground exploits circa the early 80's and a master class in locating the surreal in the suave and the bent in the breezy. Ayaa Records was ground zero for this dimension of the R.I.O. trajectory and this was their first release (before they changed their name from AAA to Ayaa). The list of contributors reads like a Mutant Sounds greatest hits mixtape, so the significance of this slab of delirium should be self evident. Blithering bliss awaits the intrepid listener. Volume Two will follow shortly...


A1) Ptose Production-Boule (Veins Ici)!
A2) Pascal Comelade-Beyrouth 66
A3) Germain Hubert Ales-La Mesure Des Moyens
A4) Alesia Cosmos-Anniversaire
A5) Philippe Cauvin-Deux Divertissments
A6) Hellebore-Les Lions
B1) Six Cylindres En V-Wao
B2) Deficit Des Annees Anterieures-Alerte a La Bombe
B3) Pascal Holtzer-Horst Karman
B4) Cosy Corner-That Hero
B5) Ph. De Mouctouris-En Attendant
B6) Un Department-Fragilite Et Certitude De Voir Un Nuage Passer A Demi Visible

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ushaped said...

Hi Mutants,

This is a fantastic comp. Thank you.
Can I make a request?
Do you have either of Tamia's early LPs? (Tamia & Senza Tempo)

Thx again for all the music!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Thank you SO much!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!
I was just about ready to spend about $150 for
this record when I stumbled onto this site looking for more information on the LP! And it had been here only 9 days! Are the planets lined up for me or what??!!?!?

soundvoyeur said...

A bit behind the times... can I beg you for a re-up? Of course I can! Please please please...