Saturday, December 22, 2007


A compilation full of frantic Neue Deutche Welle minimal synth craziness, mostly highlighting projects featuring Stefan (aka Stiev A.) of Haushaltswaren/Anlieger Frei (also posted on Mutant Sounds) and the Dauerblumen/Datenverarbeitung labels, whom we can thank for sending me the contents of this post. Issued on cassette in 1981 and reissued on micro-edition CDR circa 2003, this bolt of freaked out wonderment highlights another seam of the endlessly fertile NDW underground, the rough 'n' ready grit and forcefulness of some of these tracks pushing the proceedings into almost synth punk territory at times.

Track Listing:

1. Splitter-Wochenende, jetzt 'ne Pekingente
2. Splitter-Die Ameisen
3. Splitter-Der besondere Geschmack
4. Splitter-Da klatschen die Herrschaften
5. Splitter-Ich freß Dir aus der Hand
6. Splitter-Galgenlied
7. Anlieger Frei-Ronald lebt ja immer noch
8. Anlieger Frei-Anschlag im Wunderland
9. Anlieger Frei-John ist tot
10. Anlieger Frei-Angst
11. Flexi Solo-Symphonie No. 1
12. The Gregorians-Für den Papst
13. The Fearless Cowyard Cowards-Dancing in Trance
14. The Fearless Cowyard Cowards-Meet me in the bush
15. Stiev A.-Trainingssequenz
16.(extra track) Hallifax Gibbet-Ritual No. 17 (From 'Heidnische Tänze' Compilation)

1-6=Splitter live at the Wischi Waschi 1980-08-23
Anlieger Frei: Cliff Stiff and Stiev A.
The Fearless Cowyard Cowards: Cliff Stiff Bass/Guitar, Lutz B. Synth, Stiev A. Synth
and 'Samples'

All others tracks=Stiev A. alone

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Anonymous said...

hi! this is a compilation tape!...

Anonymous said...

True, this is a compilation - the original side A contains a concert by the best of al singers, Dieter Duck / Splitter, side B contains different 'projects' like Anlieger Frei, Fearless Cowyard Cowards as well as some solo stuff under different names.

Stiev A.

Anonymous said...

any chance to reupload ? thanks