Sunday, December 2, 2007

Al Simones -Corridor of dreams,LP,1992,USA

Great acid drenched psych fuzzed out LP,with looping phased backwards guitar,with some folkish elements but mostly freaked out YaHoWa 13 style jamming.Released privately in just 500 copies and long deleted.Anyone who can provide their 2 other LPs?It would be much appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Nice Blog

I found You looking for the Noisefest Cover
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Anonymous said...

my fave blogsite for the last 8 months, good work, can i make a request for Black Snakes, by The Red Krayola, been looking for this album a long time but no joy...

Anonymous said...

great stuff! any chance of his 2 other Lps, Enchanted Forest & Balloon Ride ?

Anonymous said...

What a splendidly eclectic blog, packed with wonderful gems. I found it searcing for Essendon Airport and I'm very much enjoying Palimpsest, thank you very much. Got any more?

Thank you most of all for Morgan Fisher's "Hybrid Kids" album. I bought that when it first came out, but lost it many years ago, so it's fantastic to get it back again. I'll be downloading all the other MF stuff (which I've never heard) soon, thanks.

I know it's not proggy, but one album I'm after is "Plant Life" by Herbie Flowers. You wouldn't, by any chance, happen to have that charming little pop gem, would you?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tip, I'm a total sucker for backwards guitars and phasers-set-to-Stun. Can't date it though, which makes it all the more interesting.

Anonymous said...

Please do not get me wrong - I want to tell you that you made it as the first one to present these high prized records wich I personally own as the originals! You should not do this because Al now made it to stay anonymous for ten years. I downloaded them to hear what you have done to him and I unfortunally have to tell you for the first record I have just listened to, that you do not have the original under 'Purple Frogg' label or you have got it from the dustbin or you have not played it via a good record player with a 'Clear Audio' nor with a 'Grado Platinum Wood' - system I am listening to or you just respect Al Simones like I do and you recorded only the 'Peyote' version of this record. I know people who would never give songs like 'The Wizard Of Time' to anybody else they do not know and love personally!
There are record dealers all over the world who are beggin' Al to finally put them on CD!!! This first record now goes up to 300 US dollars and I am glad that you are only able to present a radio version - not because the record will fall under a certain prize because of this -> I am sure it will not but because of all the leechers who will not respect this.
I know by myself how hard it is to get such tips and not anybody should get this deathtrip on the flyby! I hope that you understand this opinion from the other side!!!
buddhist and a small record collector from Germany

Anonymous said...

Dear Mutant Sounds!
Thanks for makin' magic (Pat Travers),
Good that you let them read my point of view.
I am sure that Al paid a lot for his record store through these mind blowing records. I own #48 on which he wrote "Thanks for letting my music into your mind. Al Simones".
The record is from 1996 like the verve's urban hymns and you all know by now that I do not hesitate to also give some tips.
Please do not take it as some kind of promotion I am not allowed to!
But also have some respect and do not play this music to somebody who deos not deserve it or for getting new friends or whatever. Al is the only reason for me to visit America (Ohio).
Also thanks for Jukka Hauru whoose music is vervy very funny..
Sometimes it is hard to make a decision...
Peace Karsten

Anonymous said...

Can anyone here provide the lyrics of these songs? I have them from a friend's cassette tape which he got from a friend who owns the original LP (:-)
I'm not a native speaker in English and cannot understand everything he says but I really would like to...

Any help?

Unknown said...

Any chance for a reup?

The Bomber said...