Tuesday, December 25, 2007

V/A - Vi Kan Leva Utan Kärnkraft,LP,1975,Sweden

Continuing our explorations in 70s Swedish underground music scene ,here's a compilation came out through Silence label,gathering some of the most important folkish progressive acts of it's time. The whole project is blended by leftist feeling,pacificism,and all those "alternative" 70s ideologies.Musically it varys from folk to pilitic cabaret,some rockish tunes, protest ballads.
here's the tracklist:

Side A:
1. Bernt Staf - Högenergi eller lågeneri (3:47)
2. Tore Berger - Kapitalets bön (4:01)
3. Elektriska Linden - Röster i vinden (4:14)
4. Turid - Solens Visa (5:56)
5. Roland von Malmborg - Stoppa all atomkraft (4:10)
Side B:
1. Nynningen - Det löser sig (6:11)
2. Røde Mor - Kärnkraft (5:11)
3. Thomas Wiehe - Marianne (5:57)
4. Thomas Tidholm - Fortsättning följer (4:40)
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Anonymous said...

Thanks man! I've owned this on vinyl for a long time! great to finally getting it on mp3!

Anonymous said...


I had filed this the long forgotten never going to find this bin of my mind.

Thank you!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

"Vi kan leva utan kärnkraft" = "We can live without nuclear power".

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot!anything else from turid please?

Anonymous said...

If you ever find Thomas Wiehe´s "I rummet intill" you´ll have a true swedish classic! One of the must surreal albums ever made.
Not many people know about that, and I cant find it anywhere!

Anonymous said...

Also Røde Mor´s greatest recorded work was the ep "Johnny gennem ild og vand" (Johnny through fire and water) about a Vietnam soldier coming home.