Friday, December 14, 2007

Infos wanted!

Dear friends
as Jim Mutantsounds will be in Rome,Italy from 4th to 10th of February 2008 ,he needs any infos about live gigs,concerts, and also places to visit(art galleries,events,record shops,outlet stores(that's for Jim's wife:)),bookstores,etc).So i will be very grateful if any friends from Rome could provide such infos.
Thank you very much
Jim Mutantsounds


X said...

Dear friend, try to write (or visit) this blog:
It is a friend of mine and I think he will be able to do any infos. Ciao

Betelgeuse said...

Hi!i'm from Rome! well my friend what info you need?unfortunately roma is not the best place for music (we don't have more places for great live or "non-mainstream record shop"...sometimes some 70's bands played at one pub called "STAZIONE BIRRA"...only few days ago Steve Hackett,then jefferson airplase, Fish and many others...maybe i'll check if there are some good live) About art and "place to go" you can choose everything you want! roma is full of great church and great monument!!!if you have some more question i'll try to help you!

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful art bookstore / gallery that might meet your taste:

Anonymous said...

HI thank you for this very good blog....If i was to go to Rome i would visit the mondo bizzarro art gallery... my taste in Art is for the strange, scary and bizarre

Cheers, have fun in Rome

Antoine in Paris