Wednesday, December 19, 2007

V/A:- Natura Magica (The Power Of Nature),tape,1999,Germany

Great electronic/experimental tape compilation released in limited edition in 1999 ,in Germany.Dark ambient soundscapes,disturbing noise abstract recordings by some of the most important conveyors of experimental/industrial of today.This was dedicated to Mother Nature (as the title describes),came in wooden box with grass stuck on it and several inserts (all included here).
A1 Tesendalo Wenn Es Nacht Ist (5:44)
A2 Disumana Res Preserved In Ash (6:08)
A3 TBC (2) The Halluzination Of That System (7:30)
A4 Use Your Pain Nature Against Pain (4:44)
A5 Das Rhythmische Ornament Untitled (4:10)
A6 Anemone Tube Flummox (4:53)
A7 Psychologische Abwehrfront Sechsbeinige Mehrheit (4:51)
B1 Telepherique Wir Brauchen Die Natur, Aber Die Natur Braucht Uns Nicht (10:39)
B2 Yggdrasil Karges Herz (7:32)
B3 Y-Ton-G Klänge Aus Dem Inneren Der Zeit (9:11)
B4 No The Daie I Betraied The Woods (A Brother Nature Translation) (3:51)
B5 Expose Your Eyes Synthetic, Naturally (3:37)
B6 Jürgen Eckloff Nature - Of Course... (2:52)
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Anonymous said...

woheee - das rhythmische ornament on mutant sound!!! ;-)
great compilation, too.