Sunday, December 2, 2007

Jonas Broberg-Kling Klang Salad ,c-30 tape,1985,Sweden

Jonas Broberg was involved in experimental rock- and pop-groups in the 80s often involving grotesque and bizarre happenings. He debuted in 1993 as an electroacoustic composer with Bucharelli’s Lamento. In 1998 he was awarded the Program music category-prize in the Bourges competition for his Conversation in Cadaquιs, an hommage to Salvador Dali. Jonas Broberg is also the leading expert in Sweden on analogue synthesizers.Here 's one of his ver first releases ,with great variety of styles which ranges from dreamy meditative pieces to heavily processed rythmbox noices etc.. Released in 1985 through Konduktör label.This one will appeal not only to experimental music fans but also to all minimal synth ones.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Great site you've got running here!
But this relese, Kling Klang Salád by Jonas Broberg is missing one song in the rar file. Or rather, the first track has the correct name (Even Less) but is in fact the same as the b1 track (Dialogue). It would be really awesome if you could correct this!
"Martin - The Mixing Assistant"