Saturday, May 26, 2007

Absolute Body Control-st,1981+Numbers,1982+Figures,1983,tapes,Belgium

One of the best and most important minimal synth bands .It's Dirk Ivens(Dive,Klinik,etc.) 1st project.Vinyl On Demand has recently reissued a 5LP boxset of all their tape releases in extremely limited edition as always.
get them all here


Tom said...

Hello... Track four on the eponymous cassette is corrupted. I've tried it in 7-Zip, WinRAR and Win-Zip - each is a no-go. Would you mind confirming the error and re-posting the track at your leisure?



Anonymous said...

awesome post! yes 1 track is corrupt, but i'm still happy with the post its that good :)


Curious Guy said...

Thanks for these. And I have the same problem as Tom. Track 4 of the 1st tape is corrupted indeed.

Anonymous said...

MANY, MANY THANKS !!! For these great tapes !!! They're awesome !

I'm still searching for the following items:

à pop - art of persuasion 12"

Ensemble Pittoresque - For This Is Past LP Clogsontronic SG 003

Oto - Purge An Urge LP MAD 1028

Techno Twins - everything of them, for example Technostalgia LP TECH 1 PRT Records

The Techno Orchestra - everything of them, for example Casualtease LP Famous Gnomes STLP003

Zivilschutz -
a few days ago I got the track "Sex + Du" and I like it very much. If you don't know it and like to hear it I can upload the song for you !!!
I also have some tapes (from bands and some Compilations) released in the early 90's. To name a few: G. Feistritzer, Juniper Hill, L'avantgarde, Incubated Sounds.
So if you're interested in something give me a note!

Anonymous said...

Please folks, don't bitch and complain about one corrupt track. I think this pisses the blog host off, then he removes the file. For example, what happened to the Absolute Body Control post? It's now linked to Vinyl on Demand? Fuck!

Anonymous said...

Όλη αυτά η μουσική "ελάχιστου synth" της δεκαετίας του '80 δεν είναι τόσο καλή όσο σκέφτεστε ότι είναι. Είναι η επαρχία των αδέξιων ομοφυλοφίλων και των άσχημων γυναικών με τα κακά κουρέματα. Ραβδί στην ουσία πρωτοπορίας.

Tom said...

Excuse me, Anonymous, but alerting one of our Mutant friends to a corrupt file in one of the dozens of albums they're generous enough to post each week could scarcely be qualified as "bitching" - we're all fans here, and most of us have been along for the ride since Jim launched the blog in January. We know him to be fair-minded, ethical.

I merely sought to provide substantive feedback. A quick perusal above will show that each of our comments were framed respectfully.

Your comment about the new Absolute Body Control link could have used a wee bit of finesse, however...


Anonymous said...

i'm feelin the absolute body control link gone......gulp. pity....or am i blinder than usual?

Anonymous said...

I merely sought to provide substantive feedback. A quick perusal above will show that each of our comments were framed respectfully.

When someone makes a comment about ONE TRACK which causes the ENTIRE LINK to be taken down, how is such petty critique advancing the sharing of great music?

Now, as a result, NO ONE gets to hear ANY of the Absolute Body Control material (unless you were really, really fast, apparently).

Anonymous said...

Dear Tom & Curious Guy,

I have told posters here how to use 7zip properly probably 6 or 7 times in the past.

Track 4 is NOT corrupt at all (Jim, thank you VERY MUCH for these tapes!!!! YOU DID NOTHING WRONG!!!).

All the complaining and bitching made Jim take down the original links.

Thankfully a google cache search turned up the **original** **three** (3) **links** for this Absolute Body Control tape series.

Do you irrational and delusional and selfish and particular and greedy commenters realize how many people have been dying to hear these tapes?

And yet you bitch and complain, which causes Jim to remove the post? All because you're not smart enough to figure out how to use 7zip?

Here is the Track 4 you have been looking for. It's called "So Obvious":

And it happens to be one of the best ABC tracks ever recorded, in my humble opinion.

Another thing: Jim's posts of the tapes are light-years better than the vinyl reissue because who wants to hear snaps and pops and shit on their MP3s?

Don't get me wrong: I LOVE vinyl -- but only if the *ORIGINAL* recording is on vinyl. In this case, the original recording was offered on the cassette medium.

Again, before you criticize, please get your shit in order first, in case YOU are wrong, and YOU have no idea how to use 7zip.

All YOU are doing is making it harder on people who do know how to use the software to extract files.

Kind Regards,


Curious Guy said...

Hello Anon, I tried 7zip and it didn't work. I had no intention to piss someone off. I admire this blog for sharing all this hard-to-find stuff. Since when is pointing out a corrupt track the same as criticizing the work of the people behind this blog? Corrupt tracks are beyond everyone's control and something a lot of music bloggers are confronted with.
Have a nice day.

mutantsounds said...

guys just to clear things out...i did not remove the links becuse i'm pissed off or offented by comment....when posting this i thought that the VoD 5LP box reissue is already out of print....but it was cleared out that it wasn't so i had to remove links and redirect you to VoD website...sorry but could not do other way

Anonymous said...

Since when is pointing out a corrupt track the same as criticizing the work of the people behind this blog? Corrupt tracks are beyond everyone's control and something a lot of music bloggers are confronted with.

Because it's not a corrupt track. It extracted just fine. I posted a link to Track 04 using Mass Mirror above. Please download if you haven't already and enjoy. It's an essential track.

Anonymous said...

There are definitely some whiny assholes who come to this blog, and none of them are the ones who report bad links, warn of problems with unzipping files, and giving feedback when they're having difficulty. When there is a problem, people need to make it known. Having an album with a bad track or two doesn't live up to the high standards of the blog itself. It doesn't make any sense to "be satisfied" with corrupt links. It isn't Mutant Sounds' fault that it happens. It just happens. I'm sure they don'ttake it personally when someone points out a problem.

Furthermore, it's more likely that MS took the links down to this out of respect to Vinyl on Demand, not because of a couple of people who RIGHTLY made them aware of problems. They've done this before with Vinyl on Demand related uploads, and it wasn't because of anyone bitching.

You want an incomplete album? Go find it on soulseek.

Anonymous said...

All I was saying is that all three cassettes extracted fine, when 7zip is used "properly". Winzip and WinRAR gave me problems, but 7zip did the trick. Also, sometimes when you extract with 7zip, you will get an error message, but the "corrupt" file will appear in the folder and be just fine, despite any warning messages.

Anonymous said...

I made a order on the boxset on VOD thanks to this post.. I think all of you would do the same.. :)