Thursday, May 31, 2007

Akron -La Signora Del Buio,LP,1999,Italy

Very dark organ driven heavy progressive from Italy in the vein of Jacula,Metamorfosi, Pholas Dactilus,Antonius Rex, Il Segno Del Comando .Pressed in very limited quantity of 400 copies accompanied by booklet.HIGHLY RECOMMENTED!!!!
get it here
thank you Chris for this one!


Anonymous said...

Whoa! These guys have and use actual music stands too! This must be a very series production!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant - what a great blog!

I find rapid share a bit restrictive as to the amount you can download, any chance of changing to Z-share or media fire?



Anonymous said...

Apparently, you haven't been here long.

This has been discussed at great length(s) in the past - not just in the comments sections, either, but in ACTUAL posts.

Did you search the archives? Of course not.

So, the blog hosts should change their uploading preferences for YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU, BEAUTIFUL YOU, right?

Buy a premium Rapidshare account, dude.

Ask not what Jim and Eric can do for you; ask what you can do to not complicate their efforts even further.

Peace out. (Der Über-Anonymous Zealot )

Anonymous said...

You are getting all this GREAT music 100% free and your cheap ass isn't willing to shell out $8 or $9 for a premium account?

Sad. ( Sad,sad,sad ...)

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot.