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V/A:Sex & Bestiality,4xtape,1984,France

Here's one of the most legendary tape compilations ever.4 tapes of industrial/ synth/ noise/ experimental madness ,gathering the most important acts of this scene .Released in 1984 by the cult Bain Total label packaged in videotape box,it was dedicated to Mr. Genesis P. Orridge and was limited to 666 copies.For T.O.P.Y. enthousiasts note that the code number of the tape is K23!This amazing stuff could not be uploaded in just 1 part so it was divided to 8 parts!That's the reason why this is my single post for today.
A01 Haters, The An Interview (Over The phone)
A02 Psychic TV La Edad De Oro (Red Ritual Film)
A03 Étant Donnés Les 4 Frappes Sourdes
A04 Étant Donnés Ciel Terre Ciel
A05 Die Form Red Magic
A06 Die Form Passion & Supplice
A07 Masaki Eguti Entangled
A08 O Yuki Conjugate Death By Cunnilingus
B01 O Yuki Conjugate Death By Cunnilingus (End)
B02 Nox Yaweyo B03 XX Committee Slaugherhouse
B04 Sleep Chamber Victmm (Sex Mix)
B05 Stockholm Monsters Kan Kill
B06 Merzbow ZSF Product
B07 Anne Gillis Quelques Heures Maléfiques
C01 Amuzikons, The Unhealthy Lifestyle
C02 DDAA Pourquoi Un Homme Est Il Un Homme Et Un Chat Un Chat?
C03 Son Of Sam Éhonté (Shameless)
C04 Son Of Sam Nature Makes A Mistake
C05 Hypnobeat / Hydrobeast Cock Decapitation Machine
D01 Hypnobeat / Hydrobeast Cock Decapitation Machine (End)
D02 Ian Taguiev Tumescence
D03 Recloose Organisation Succubare
D04 Hartmann 1 & 2 Parts Voice - Edward Ka-Spel
D05 Asmus Tietchens Tina, Ich Liebe Sie
D06 Asmus Tietchens Humpelmann
D07 Vittore Baroni / Kibbo Kift Animal Farm
D08 Hot Bip Bestiaire
D09 Otto Kill Untitled
D10 Club Moral Piggy
E01 Michel Henritzi Blood On Stone
E02 Stigma Diaboli Sodomie Animal
E03 Smegma Jungle Orgy
E04 No Unauthorized L'Orgasme Des Cochons
E05 391 Beauty And The Bestial
E06 Blackhouse Dog
E07 Stratis Passion Behind The Veil
E08 Stratis 15 Sweet Days
F01 Franz Liebl / Necrospermie No Sexual Healing
F02 Section 25 Suck This
F03 Pacific 231 Fucking Bloody
F04 O.R.A.* S.K.E.S. (Beast Praise 1)
F05 Debt Of Nature Pig Fuck
F06 Debt Of Nature Urinalysis
F07 Der Akteur / K. Reichling Untitled
F08 Viscera Lying With The Beast
F09 Les 3 Phallus Untitled
F10 Anthon Shield Coum To Cunt
F11 Anthon Shield Snake Naked Ann
F12 Tranquil Eyes Queer Hobbies
F13 Sous-Plis Discret Untitled
G01 Surplus Stock Ladie's Day
G02 Culturcide Bestiality And Sex
G03 Big City Orchestra UB Kitty Mount
G04 Psyclones & Schlafengarten Tenderloin
G05 L'Étroit Phallus* Untitled
G06 Hymn Around The Bed
G07 Smersh Coitus Bovinicus
G08 Smersh Greasing Wheezer
G09 La Chorale Untitled
G10 Red Skull Custom Slaughtering
H01 Red Skull Custom Slaughtering (End)
H02 Vivenza Servitudes Organiques
H03 Fab Two / S. Novi & M. Augier Cathode Ray Mission (3 Parts)
H04 Zahgurim Anal Rape
H05 I.M.M. Le Lycantrope
H06 Sophie C. & Philippe F.* Thee End / 23

***************NEW LINK POSTED SEPTEMBER 2012***************

Get pt1 here 

Get pt2 here 


Anonymous said...


what a staggering experience: Either I find all the favourites from my own record collection here in this treasure chest, or the records/tapes that would complement it, which I've been looking for since ages.

And now even my past is catching up with me - after having posted the SNX box in January this year, you share another comp featuring Hypnobeat, representing my Prototech project back then. Thanks for unearting!

jftr, Philippe Fichot of Die Form/Bain Total accidentally included the wrong (unedited) version of our track (C05) in "Sex & Bestiality".

More weirdness, enchantment and narcotics here:


Curious Guy said...

Read about this massive release in Dutch magazine Vinyl. Never thought I would finally get to hear it so thanks alot.
Unfortunately the Merzbow track is missing. Anyone out there who cares to upload it?

Anonymous said...

Amazing comp. Downright unsettling submission from The Haters. Bought this one for $10 at a used store and then sold it for a lot more to a collector who wouldn't leave me alone. Glad to have the music back. Too bad it will take a week to download it now that Rapidshare has gone back to being jerks.

geoff mullen said...

this isn't totally related, but...

do you have / can you post matsuo ono's "SPACE AND MARYJUANE TRIP IS SAME" LP ?

after seeing the artwork for this album,..?


Anonymous said...

Curious Guy, no-one seems to have that elusive Merzbow track; an earlier rip I found in a newsgroup hadn't it either..
Or are there any takers... ;-)?

Thanks mutant team for the continuous pearls,

Anonymous said...

HA! This is my rip shared via soulseek! Originally tagged (Rota777). I'm not sure how I managed to exclude the Merzbow track other than the notion that this was one incredible pain in the ass to edit being the tracks often ran into each other. If interested I will revisit my master and extract the missing track. Cheers L

Steroid Maximus & Kesii said...

oh and what about the missing Mrezbow track?

Curious Guy said...

Would be great to do that L! Quality rip as well. Must have been a hell of a job to rip this one.

Anonymous said...

Was just wondering if the Haters track was missing or is it part of a file with someone else?

Anonymous said...

anonymous: please do!
Thanks in advance!


Anonymous said...

thanks a ton for this! really glad to have finally gotten it.

I would also like the Merzbow track if it's not too much trouble . . . I also seemed to end up with an extra Die Form track and one by the Legendary Pink Dots, unless I'm figuring out the tags incorrectly.

Anonymous said...

Rapid s-h-a-m-e...

Any chance of this post coming back up again? It seems like Rapid Share didn't approve of the musical content and now it says ERROR when you try to download it.

Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Anonymous said...

If I may echo Morten, indeed
a repost would be much appreciated.

I bet rapidshare removed the files
because of the names of the .rar
files rather than the musickal content or violation of copywrite


Suggests the files contain porn, and that is the likely reason they
have been removed, so if you decide to repost it's probably a good idea
to name the files differently

i.e. va-sab-c1.rar

Thanks for all of the great posts shared on your blog

Anonymous said...

re-upload this treasure )

Anonymous said...

re-upload this treasure )

Anonymous said...

Links are dead. Please re-up, looks like something I'd love to have a listen to.


Sign me up for the re-up brigade.
Sex & Bestiality...I need it.

Anonymous said...

re-upload this treasure !!!!!!!)))))))))))))))))

vitreousopacities said...

I'd like to join the chant for a re-up as well. I need this so badly.

nigola said...

please reupload the sex nd bestialities share it with us its super rare and groovie

Anonymous said...

PLEASE!!!!! Re-up this. I need it.. :)

Anonymous said...

PLS someone.. Re-up this. i need it hard :)

J.H.M. said...

Please, someone re-upload this. I'm dying for some insanity... And the rarest Psychic TV track ever...

unclecaintoad said...

Since so many people seem to want this 4x cassette release (myself included). I decided to do a quick google-blog search. In just a couple minutes I found some working links. It's amazing what one will find when they (themselves) put some effort into it.

Sex & Bestiality - 4 x Cassette, Compilation - France [1984]

ps- the Merzbow track is missing from this copy as well :(

Anonymous said...

Possibly the best compilation ever. Thanks for this!!

Teo said...

love you all!!!!

adriano said...

thank you men!!! and well, on soulseek [downloading right now] seems that there's the merzbow track

Luca said...

I've been hearing there may be a re realese of this but..that's mostly chatter

Anonymous said...

Will you please upload it once more? I'm dying to have this! XX

scrollkidd said...

Please yeah, upload this masterpiece once again!
I am just excited to listen this.

Anonymous said...

Please reupload this if possible. I just found this blog and this right here looks like the ultimate.

If you have the time it would be greatly appreciated.


MaoMao said...

Greetings from China. So am I to understand people have been begging for 4 years for a reup and that hasn't happened? Well, I guess I'll add myself to the begging list in the hopefully not vain wish this will one day be added to all the other reupping going on around the interwebs. Thanks for the other stuff though.

Anonymous said...

one of the tracks from this (son of sam - nature makes a mistake) got a vinyl reissue recently - on running back records (frankfurt, germany). quite widely available, and i believe he tracked the artist down in order to get him paid.

Anonymous said...

Reuped and a working link as of this posting

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous...anyway i don't know why people still using fuckin' slow

Anonymous said...

and, beatricethecat is dead

thanks for the re-up man, unfortuneately RS had killed your links and by the time you re-upped, at RS, they were killing anything uploaded from your blog, yes they can see your IP and kill any uploads from it. But a google search for this -found some working links, really uncleantoad, gotta wonder how frakkin' many weeks did it take to weed through the sickest porn, then the links found were actually originally from mutant anyway, so if mutants links were dead, you found another blog that copied mutants links -and- I'll just bet mutants old links were just as fucking dead over there too - ooohh another blog, more links, more fucking dead links, fucking waste of fucking time

man I'd try to be more friendly and ask for re-up but kinda guessing that ain't gonna happen anytime soon, if you're giving up the blog, please remove it so as not to crap up search results with deadend bullshit

thanks, really, thanks for all your time and effort and everything you shared that we could get while the getting was good

is dieaRIAA killing rock & roll or just taking the fun out of it?

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Book II : Ayodhya Kanda - Book Of Ayodhya

Chapter 52

सुराघटसहस्रेण मांसभूतोदनेन च |
यक्ष्ये त्वाम् प्रयता देवि पुरीम् पुनरुपागता || २-५२-८९

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Book II : Ayodhya Kanda - Book Of Ayodhya

Chapter 91

अन्याः स्रवन्तु मैरेयम् सुराम् अन्याः सुनिष्ठिताम् |
अपराः च उदकम् शीतम् इक्षु काण्ड रस उपमम् || २-९१-१५

Verse 15.

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सुराम् सुरापाः पिबत पायसम् च बुभुक्षिताः || २-९१-५२
मांसनि च सुमेध्यानि भक्ष्यन्ताम् यावद् इग्च्छथ || २-९१-५३

Verse 52; 53.

"O, wine-bibbers! Drink the wine, however much you desire! O troops stricken with hunger! Let milk thickened iwth rice and the meats which are very much fresh, be eaten (as you will)"

उत्साद्य स्नापयन्ति स्म नदी तीरेषु वल्गुषु |
अप्य् एकम् एकम् पुरुषम् प्रमदाः सत्प च अष्ट च || २-९१-५४

Verse 54.

Seven or eight young women bathed every single man on the beautiful river-banks, after massaging their body with oil.

सम्वहन्त्यः समापेतुर् नार्यो रुचिर लोचनाः |
परिमृज्य तथा न्यायम् पाययन्ति वर अन्गनाः || २-९१-५५

Verse 55.

Women with charming eyes came running and shampooed their limbs. Lovely women likewise wiped off the moisture on their body with towels and gave them beverages to drink, mutually sharing them among each other.

Book II : Ayodhya Kanda - Book Of Ayodhya

Chapter 96

तां तथा दर्शयित्वा तु मैथिलीं गिरिनिम्नगाम् |
निषसाद गिरिप्रस्थे सीतां मांसेन चन्दयन् || २-९६-१

Vere 1.

Having shown Mandakini River in that manner to Seetha, the daughter of Mithila, Rama set on the hill-side in order to gratify her appetite with a piece of flesh.

इदं मेध्यमिदं स्वादु निष्टप्तमिदमग्निना |
एवमास्ते स धर्मात्मा सीतया सह राघवः || २-९६-२

Verse 2.

Rama, whose mind was devoted to righteousness stayed there with Seetha, saying; "This meat is fresh, this is savoury and roasted in the fire."

Book II : Ayodhya Kanda - Book Of Ayodhya

Chapter 56

ऐणेयम् मांसम् आहृत्य शालाम् यक्ष्यामहे वयम् |
कर्त्व्यम् वास्तुशमनम् सौमित्रे चिरजीवभिः || २-५६-२२

Verse 22.

"Oh, Lakshmana! Bring the meat of an antelope. We shall perform a purifactory ceremony while entering the house. Which is to be done by those who wish to live long."

मृगम् हत्वाऽऽनय क्षिप्रम् लक्ष्मणेह शुभेक्षण
कर्तव्यः शास्त्रदृष्टो हि विधिर्दर्ममनुस्मर || २-५६-२३

Verse 23.

"Oh, large-eyed Lakshmana! Killing the antelope quickly, bring it here. The prescribed rite according to scriptural point of view indeed is to be performed. Keep in mind the sacred obligation."