Sunday, October 7, 2007


Rare and very obscure Korean hard psych from 1981,with excellent fuzz guitar and the typical Far East vocals.Would appeal to all fans of Terry Brooks,Blue Cheer,Leafhood,etc.

***************NEW LINK POSTED SEPTEMBER 2012***************

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Anonymous said...

for some reason, only track 6 can be extracted from the archive. this album looks great ..I wonder if anyone else has experienced this.

Unknown said...

ditto... This looks great, can't wait to have this album available in unzippable file.

Cellar said...

looks awesome! thanks!

DarkJesus said...

Great album. Thanks a lot.

Does anyone know somewhere to get the titles in Korean characters?

Anonymous said...

I'm really curious what the song tracks are. The defaults that came with the download were all crazy characters (seems like they were chosen randomly). One of them is "track 1" though.

Anonymous said...

I'm Korean and glad to see this album here.
Let me give you track titles and

1. 알 수 없어 (I couldn't know)
2. 이럴수가 있을까 (How Did This Happen)
3. 아름다운 곳 (Beautiful Place)
4. 기다리는 마음 (The feeling that waiting)
5. 우린 서로 사랑하니까 (because we love each other)
6. 해야 (Hey, Sun)
7. 잊혀진 사랑 (forgotten Love)
8. 그날 (That day)
9. 탈출 (Escape)

Anonymous said...

Hello, do you have the korean ost to hometown of stars. Always goes for a lot on ebay.