Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Razor sharp Devo damaged Japanese synth pop with a frantically blipping style that also brings to mind both The Plastics and Italy's Confusional Quartet. P-Model were prime movers of the Japanese new wave and the madly fun style they innovated has informed everything from Magmoid lunatics Koenjihyakkei to the giddy contempo j-pop new wavery of The Polysics.

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Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot from jpn! Koool music.

Crash The Driver said...

Another great post, Mutant Sounds. Love this quirky synth pop madness in the Devo style!

Anonymous said...

This is what your blog is all about!! Finding your new favorite alnum by a group you never even suspected existed!!!!!

Thanks so much for this gem :)

Have a good weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

I love this album, IN A MODEL ROOM of P-MODEL 1st. (japanese technopop classic 1979). I haven't been able to locate my LP's for sometime now. I still have it but cannot locate somehow... so thanks! Both 1st and 2nd rocks even now. It was lucky to catch them live set of LANDSALE (2nd) tour at 88-rock day in Osaka Japan. P-MODEL started in 1979 by Susumu Hirasawa (of Mandlake), Katsuhiko Akiyama, Yasumi Tanaka, and Sadatoshi Tainaka. All 3 were fan of Mandlake, a progressive rock band I have not had chance to listened to yet. Two volume of Mandlake remastered/unreleased material was released in 2006 on CHAOS UNION.

much more to find at:

Answering Machine Recordings said...

Their first five albums are all excellent. After Landsale they ventured into a sort of epic postpunk while retaining their former Zolo quirks.

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arigatou! (thanks!) nice blog^^