Thursday, October 11, 2007

V/A:Your Secret's Safe With Us,2LP,1982,UK

Definately one of the best and most important UK early 80s DIY compilations.Here are gathered the most interesting bands from UK in 1982.It is the follow up to the 1980 compilation Hicks from the Sticks.You can find here the first recordings of PULP,CHAMELEONS and I Scream Brothers who later turned to UV POP, amongst others.

A1 Celestial Fireworks Go! (2:34) ***
A2 Atom Spies Single Dance (2:42) ***
A3 I Scream Brothers Tree Growing Wrong (3:47) ***
A4 Chameleons, The Here Today (3:58)
A5 Unamerican, The Drop (3:11)
B1 Thrash! Time Will Tell (4:30)
B2 Makaton Chat The Shape Of The Song (3:40)
B3 Vets, The World In Action (3:43) ***
B4 Soul On Ice Thinking (2:03)
B5 Height Looking Through Glass (4:54)
C1 Seep Maier's Gloves Ambition (4:12) ***
C2 Pulp What Do You Say? (3:30)
C3 Indians In Moscow Indians In Moscow (3:02)
C4 Sun Yama Subterranean Homesick Blues (2:16)
C5 Fast Cakes Red Square (4:23)
D1 Sun Ya Sub Dub (Instrumental) (2:18)
D2 Blue Chips Of Asama Haruko's Lament (2:30)
D3 Pressure Pressure (4:12)
D4 Gentle Ihor Psalm 151 (3:56)
D5 Celestial Fireworks Go! (Reprise) (1:48)

The stars at the end of some tracks mean that these are my personnal favs from this compilation and some of them my personal favs ever!
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Anonymous said...

King of music blog! All amazing stuffs!

Anonymous said...

Pure gold. Thanks...

michaeldustdevil said...

cheers for this... i played bass in Height... !

Anonymous said...

Cheers mate... been looking for this for fkn yearssssssss!!!!

Anonymous said...

Could this possibly get re-upped? A DJ turned me on to Makaton Chat recently and I've been looking everywhere for this! Thank you.