Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lol Coxhill & Welfare State-s.t.,LP,1975,UK

Following Eric's post a few months ago ,here comes a Lol Coxhill LP gfrom 1975 which was result of his involvment in experimental theater groups, namely the Welfare State, for which he served as musical director. As always great easily changing moods from swinging jazzy tones to avangardish improvisations and then to military marches and back again.
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Anonymous said...

thx, mutantsounds - this looks terrific!

your hard work in providing those beautiful cover pics are well appreciated!! what happened to lol on the top one? :D

it's amazing how much great music virgin records released in the 70s - opposed to their output some years later...


Anonymous said...

I mentioned this before in past comments but MS is beyond insane!

I love it.

nonrob said...

I've had this album for years and still always enjoy it.
I have another WS tape called Jungle Bullion, no Lol Coxhill but still very interesting. I'll dig it out and try and upload in the fullness of time

SOTISE said...

dear mutants many thnks for all your great efforts, and for turning me on to genres i had never explored.
scandinavian avant/psych prog and folk for example.

attention lol coxhill , derek bailey, mischa mengleberg mutants/fans

ive posted an out of print incus lp featuring the above, in both mp3 and flac
it features all the musicians interjecting in unintentionally comic voices passages from bailey's book 'improvisation its nature and practice.

a clasic

jamespantsbiggestfan said...

Hi there - this one's coming up "permission denied by uploader" - maybe it's now in a private folder cos of Rapidshare's changes yeaterday?

jamespantsbiggestfan said...

It's now coming up "Marked as illegal"!! Would really appereciate a re-up of this - thanks!