Thursday, October 11, 2007


With a C.V. that stretches from membership in the Dutch experimental post punk bands Dull Schiksal and Tresspassers W to work alongside such wildly disparate musical innovators as ex-Thinking Plague/5uu's bassist Bob Drake (in AA Kismet) to collaborations with post-NDW nutter Felix Kubin (using the moniker Coolhaven) and current work alongside ex-Homosexuals and current Die Trip Computer Die mastermind Jim Whelton (ne L.Voag/Xentos, Lukas Simonis is precisely the sort of berserk musical polymath I love to champion in these quarters. Self described by him to me as "a mixture of trendy 90's dance music, free jazz, german weird 'Der Plan'-like electronics and The Residents", Estos No Son Pagagos was a one-off experiment of his, fusing his post-everything art damage techniques (as well as those of his old Dull Schiksal sparring partner Frans Friederich) to beat structures plied by house/gabber producer Robert Kroos. Though his description is largely apt, the end result, to these set of ears, is a madcap musical melange that bears notable similarities to ex-Stock, Hausen & Walkman member Andrew Sharpley's post-S,H&W projects Ae and The Mami Chan Band. Wild fun!

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vdoandsound said...

Just wanted to add a small correction here as, according to Lukas Simonis, the impression I gave that this was his project turns out to be inaccurate. In fact, it was Frans Friederich and Robert Kroos' project, which Simonis was then invited to join.