Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kostas Koukoutaras & the atziteisons- Apo pou kai pou(from where and where),LP,1974,Greece

Here's one of the rarest Greek 70's records,fetching up many hundreds of Euros in the collector's market.Kostas Koukoutaras was one of the leading figures in the rock scene of the greek town Larisa ,in the early 70s.He recorded this LP backed by the band Atziteisons(i guess they wanted to ba called Agitations in a more greekish way) and released it privately in a handful of copies only.Musically the LP is late 60's/early 70s psych/folk inspired.Unlikely other greek bands of the period, Atziteitions were much inspired of the British freakbeat/psych scene(hints of the Yardbirds influence can be found in the 3 first songs),interpreting it in a more "primitive" way,fact that is enforced by the very poor production.After the 3rd song inspirations are changing in a more artistic way ,British/French psych folk and early 70s prog/psych(Dr. Strangely Strange, some Uriah Heep influences from their quiter moments),along with US Boston sound psych,not forgetting the much similar sound to Pearls before Swine/Tom Rapp folkish psych.Concluding ,musically the album is very interesting and an excellent example of what was happening in the Greek rock scene during this period, beyondthe popish sounding known bands.Keep in mind how difficult was for greeks to attend a rockish attitude this period due to the Junta. Concerning lyrics they are much childish but not totally uninspired and of course in the spirit of the age (flower power ,hippie culture,etc).Koukoutara's excellent baritonish voice with this physical tremolo takes music off creating a wonderful atmosphere(especially for non greek speaking listeners). Very weak point is the totally uninspired sleeve of the record with this redicoulous pink satin balloon shirt appearance of Koukoutaras.With a much better sleeve (a Roger Dean-ish or Hypnosis-ish one ) this could have been one of the legends of world psych.The LP was re-released in 2006 by the greek label Anazitisi Records in a very limited edition of just 100 copies(i guess sold out right now but give it a try at the linked address).
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costakisp said...

The original LP was the first
indiepedent release of a band,
which was not located in Athens
or Salonica.
18 years later,a greek hardcore
group,called NAYTIA (Nausea),
used a sample of the sametitled
song for introduction of the song
"Damned society",which appeared
in their first album.. No shit!

Anonymous said...

Kserei kaneis ti apegine aytos o anthropos??
einai apisteyto poso ADIKI einai ayti i zoi....

fuzztunnel said...

Very interesting- thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

απίθανος τύπος. Μιλάμε για πολύ γέλιο.

Σε ευχαριστώ για τον σπάνιο αυτό δίσκο.

Anonymous said...

to exwfyllo an den kanw lathos einai se ena kolobaro tis larissas pou eixe kai zontani mousiki..mexri prin liga xronia eixe tin idia diakosmisi

Anonymous said...

o typos yparxei kanonika kai perusi pou egine h epanekdosh apton anazitisi records o typos htan stegnos...zhtage ta antera tou gia parapanw apo 100 kopies giayto kai epanekdothike se 100 limited kopies kai twra thes 100 eyro gia na to agoraseis ayta!