Saturday, October 13, 2007

V/A:Subterranean Psychfest,2ble tape,1995,UK

Extraordinary,excellent spaced out,freaked out,mind melting neo-psych /space rock compilation by the great Music & Elsewhere UK tape label,gathering here some of the best psych/space acts of it's time from 7 countris.Bands include:Sons of Selina,Dr.Brown,Kava Kava,Lord Litter,Alphane moon,Sosumi,,Magic Moments at Twilight,amongst others.Note that all recordings here were previously included only in tape releases of M&E tapes.Grab it and let your mind melt!
This lengthy release had to be devided in 4 parts.
get it here,here,here and here


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is one of the best blogs I've ever seen! Just amazing range of gems you have from all genres, I love this tape comp. has a few releases linked to that label, I assume they're all oop, can't find any site for them.

Reckon you can find them?
There these in particular:

Magic Moments At Twilight Time - Creavolution (UK cd released in 95)

There's also a series of tapes called "Flashbax".

Eternally grateful to you :-)))

Anonymous said...

is this of high bitrate?