Sunday, October 28, 2007


Great American hippie folk-rock with certain pop and psych inflections, rekleased on Roulette label 1970.In parts reminding Pearls before Swine/Tom Rapp.Excellent!

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Unknown said...

just wanted to let you folks know that Massmirror seems to be operational again. I've been using them for the past few days myself with zero issues... FWIW. cheers!

Anonymous said...

cool. I never heard this before. It sounds pretty good, I think after a few more listens I will like it better.

It's cool to learn that there was another interesting release on the Roulette label. I thought that The Fallen Angels was the only interesting rock oriented that ever came out on Roulette during the psychedelic period.

thanks mutant sounds.

Fuzzbox said...

what a beautiful album!
and a killer blog ... just discovered you ... keep on keepin' & peace from germany, fuzzbox!