Wednesday, October 24, 2007


With a line-up featuring Boredoms' Seiichi Yamamoto, Yoshida from Ruins/Koenjihyakkei and Otomo Yoshide (among a host of other Japanese underground movers), this little known avant prog masterpiece remains for me one of the highest water marks of the 90's j-prog renaissance. Base Of Fiction frames corrosive Bondage Fruit/Happy Family-style prog convolution inside a dense forest of frenetic string section motion that alternates between the astringency of Elliott Sharp's compositions for The Solider String Quartet and richly thematic progressions that seem to take their cue from Yoshida's compositions for Koenjihyakkei. Laden with abstract cod-operatic female vocals and steeped in a miles-deep structural (il)logic apparent only to it's creators, this is brain-scrambling clusterfuck of the first order.

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lomptz said...

big thanks!

Anonymous said...

Some truly awesome posts today! I'm especially looking forward to hearing this one.

Colin Drumm said...

Does anybody know the translations of the track titles?

Anonymous said...

can't find translation, but musicians.. otomo yoshihide seems not to play in this album. anyway thanks a lot!

Kakusenjo No Ongaku (1994)

*Sawada Joji bass, samples, ponchi
*Kudo Miho violin
*Numasawa Mika violin
*Obara Naoko viola, violin on 5.6.7.
*Mochizuki Naoya cello
*Seto Yasue cello
*Oda Ikuko violin
*Yamamoto Seiichi guitar,drums on 5.6.11.
*Hasegawa Chu guitar,drums on 5.6.11.
*Itamara Koorax voice on 5.7.
*Akioka O bandolin, 12-strings guitar
*EPO voice
*Kido Natsuki guitars on 2.8.11.
*Yoshida Tatsuya drums,vocals on
*Watanabe Ryo berimbau, percussion, gong
*Takara Kumiko marimba on 4.11
*Yoshida Tadasu drums
*Hoppy Kamiyama keyboard, samples, voice, gram-pot

recorded in 1992 and 1994

Anonymous said...

(God Mountain GOCD-013, 1994)

japanese titles;

2. Riarizumu no Yado (inn of realism)
3. 4 tai 5 no Gyakushuu (counterattack of 4:5)
5. Burajiru Bojou (longing for Brazil)
7. Kamakura-koukou-mae kara Inamuragasaki made (from Kamakura-koukou-mae to Inamuragasaki)
8. Hipokuratesu no Teiri (Hippocrates' theorem)
9. Nichijou ni okeru Kimyou to Genjitsu no Aida (between strangeness and the reality in daily life)
11. Shizukana Mahiru (quiet midday)
12. Mirai-seiki "Kantoku" (century of the future "SUPERVISOR")

URLs; (JP)

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

I'm brazilian and portuguese is my mother language. There's a moment where the girl says/sings "I'm am the happiness in persooon!"

I had a great laugh, i wouldn't think there was a portuguese speaking person in this lost record. :)

dominique said...

portuguese because the leader of this group Jyoji Sawada plays a lot of Brazilian music in other projects. amazing record btw, really underrated as far as 90s Japanese avant-prog goes