Tuesday, October 23, 2007

V/A: Must Be Musique,CD,1992,Germany

Great noise/experimental compilation released in 1992 by Dark Vinyl records,gathering some of the most notable artists of the scene.Dark chilling ambient noise/industrial all through.Wonderful!

1 John Watermann The Shredding Of Human Tissue (13:32)
2 Asmus Tietchens Freiband 8 (3:03)
3 Ophiolateria Mirror Of Dionysus (10:48)
4 Sigillum S Region Of Fire (6:17)
5 Trance Siege (7:30)
6 CV Massage L'Attesa (7:59)
7 Trance Evidence Of Danger (5:18)
8 Total Disease Sterile (7:20)
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Anonymous said...

just discovered your blog...
wow, overwhelmingly amazing stuffhere. question: what are you reffering to when often calling records r.i.o.ish?
cheerz, enzky

mutantsounds said...

enzky--->r.i.o.=rock in opposition,aka Henry Cow,Fred Frith,Slapp Happy,Art Bears,etc.