Sunday, October 28, 2007


After two days of continued upload problems with Xirror, with even the files that do upload frequently coming out minus working Rapidshare links, I've chosen to revert back to Massmirror for my (Eric's) posts. Better the devil you know than the one you don't, as the cliche goes. Thus, the Nine Days Wonder and Zimmer Frei posts that originally went up via Xirror minus Rapidshare links have now been replaced with Massmirror links.


Anonymous said...

Still can´t believe how great this blog is!
Is there any chance you might re-post the DRIVE TO HEAVEN, WELCOME TO CHAOS compilation? The Link doesn´t seem to work...

unusual music said...

Eric: FYI, the FileFactory downloads offered by Xirror have worked very well for me. OTOH, so do the ZShare downloads offered by Mass Mirror. Either way you can't go wrong IMHO.

Anonymous said...

within xirror, only rapidshare has worked well with me. i had to do 4 attempts at Steaming Coils' Breaded and the FF download went well, but the file was corrupted and one song was out.
what about divshare? my (little) experience with them is that its only drawback is that sometimes the site doesn't want to open, but some time later it's always ok. the uploads are quick, 2 parallel d/loads are allowed, maximum filesize is 200 Mb and files stay forever. The Curved-air blog uses it.
cheers, and thank you for the terrific Mountain Goats tape - Darek/Poland

Anonymous said...

Found Xirror excellent. Take care
and thankyou.

Anonymous said...

Massmirror appears to be the best choice when they are working proper, it helps everyone. Mutant Sounds thanks so much for all the great music you good folks bring forth and for all the extra effort too. Peace baby!