Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gruppo Folk Urbano Sperimentale Divisionista-Noi E Il Mondo 4 LP box set record 2,2001,Austria

Italian project of the musician called Raffaele Cerroni,(aka Mushroom's patience,Novy Svet,Ain Soph,etc).No more infos aboyt it.Released as part of the 4LP box Noi e il mondo,featuring also:DBPIT, Novy Svet, Circus Joy.Limited to 100 copies and already sold out.Released through The Nekofutschata Musick Cabaret label.Also there's an album in the same label (Tetra) in 99 copies.All recordings are from 1983-4.A true hidden masterpiece.

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ihatebradnelson.com said...

Hey Mutant! If you'd like the rest of this box let me know- I've ripped it in 256KBPS and have all info if needed. All records rock! Kinda drunken-vocal-euro-hillbilly-jazzy-folk.

mutantsounds said...

thewheal:sure i'd love the rest :)thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'd like too!!!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Mutants,
thanks for this gem & your beautiful blog. I love you.

Zwetschke said...

Could you please reup this!