Sunday, October 14, 2007


The last of my Phew posts (following her self titled, "View" and "Himitsu No Knife" albums), this early 90's release finds this quirky songstress and long time paragon of the Japanese avant garde re-teamed with Can drum master Jaki Leibzeit alongside a veritable supergroup of German underground contributers (specifically Crime And The City Solution's Thomas Stern, Christian Haas of DAF and Liasons Dangereuses and Alexander Hacke from P1/E) for another remarkable sojourn into outre art rock waters. With Jaki's presence strongly felt throughout, Our Likeness fuses the alternately sinuous and punchy substructure his rhythmic mastery brought to her self titled LP with the more expansive art pop attributes and deepened soundstage of her Himitsu No Knife CD three years later, often taking these traits to more aggressively odd realms than anywhere else in her discography, barring her insane debut 7" opposite Ryuichi Sakamoto. A stunner.

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dadlaner said...

This is amazing, thanks eric ! It's so cool and rare to hear Liebezeit playing with a bass guitarist in the last
25 years or so(not counting the vintage CAn stuff of course) ; An instrument I've heard he thinks is "stupid". ha !

Slobodan Burgher said...

Here's a request: Swedish proggband Blå Tåget! I would be interested in anything by them as I have lost all my records. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I leave them a few links that can interest, is experimental of mexico, to my to seem to be very interesting, I touch myself to see them live (of there I knew that exist), with a rare name that calls the attention DIMAS + GESTAS EXPERIMENTAL ART MUSIC ENSEMBLE WITH TEH IMAGINARY PARANGARACUTIRIMICUARO NOISE FUSION CLUB BAND.

Tiernas memorias de cuando me dijo que si (EP)


Esto pone felices a las ardillas (EP)

Anonymous said...

Ojala could obtain mas information of them since I have not found very much only a blog

Anonymous said...

Hi...and many thanks for this.

I know you posted some Brother JT earlier. Do you happen to have Descent as well? I'd love to hear that one again.

Chris Moon said...

Many thanks for the opportunity to listen to this amazing artiste - loved the first Can collaboration one and was curious about this one.

Anonymous said...