Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Reifrock - Unter einem Hut,LP,1981,Germany

Here's one of the greatest folk prog German LPs of the late70s/early 80s.Not exactly folk with the typical meaning, combining folk and traditional instrumentation(accordeon,mantolin) with more electric/rockish elements, admittedly influenced on the one hand by Emtidi,BroselMaschine ,early Strawbs, and on the other by mid 70s Birth Control,late Grobschnicht with sime hints of the new risen NDW influence(BUT JUST AS HINT!).An excellent and underrated album imho.
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Anonymous said...

This is a major album , one of my top 3 downloads this year ! Amazing , thank you very much for letting me discover this great band.

Fin said...

Yes it is a great band!
I actually have one their CD's.

Anonymous said...

Really excellent album, even more if you (like me) understand the German lyrics. Although clearly influenced by Steeleye Span and maybe 4-5 years too late if compared to similiar albums like "All around my hat", tracks like the majestic opener "Cider" would have been on every "Best of" album of Steeleye Span. Highly recommended for folk rock lovers.