Friday, October 19, 2007

Posts removal

Dear friends
after an e-mail by Ron Kane of the Decayes ,where he was kindly asking me to remove all the Decayes posts from the blog,i had to respect his request,so i removed them.It would be great if Ron can give us a link where someone can possibly find the Decayes releases in reasonable prices,since as far as i know they have not been re-released. Sorry Ron for posting them without permission.


Anonymous said...

you mean maybe this...
"First reissue of this LA/New Zealand based LAFMS-associated freeform collective. horNetZ was the 4thDecayes LP, originally issued in all-but-unfindable edition of 300 copies in 1981; none of their records were ever really "seen" anywhere, unless you were hanging out at Ace Farren Ford's house -- so don't feel bad about your ignorance. Dennis Duck of the Human Hands & LAFMS (Los Angeles Free Music Society) guests on drums on this one, which has been pressed in a #'d edition of 500 CDs, with a very informative booklet outlining the complete history of this very obscure group! 4 bonus tracks in addition to the original LP recording. Classic late-70s style DIY, rock-based with tape loop interference -- these are truly lost sounds, somehow resurrected. Will be big in Japan. "For our first release, we selected horNetZ by the Decayes. Underground, maverick, and DIY to the extreme, this recording combines diverse avant and RIO influences with giddy and edgy experimentalism. We are proud to re-issue and preserve this slice of playful (yet serious!) weirdness for the benefit of the fans of this band and related material. Mind's Ear Records (MERe) was formed to assure the continued existence of certain materials that were in danger of being lost to the listening public. The landmark recordings are standouts from the underground music scene that have been rescued from obscurity, or, to quote William Burroughs: 'to freeze-dry the edifying spectacle for posterity and export'. Our interest is partially selfish. These recordings are hard to find and expensive. Moreover, the originals were done on a 'shoestring', so the art, packaging, and information contained in them is -- to use a kind word -- minimal. What we wanted to do is re-present these recordings with the care and feeding they deserve: as quality artifacts from maverick artists."

steven edward streight said...

It's rather silly, IMHO, to not distribute tons of FREE mp3s of your music.

To go from Unknown and Known and must provide descriptions of your sound, photos, videos, and free mp3s of entire songs and entire CDs.

High quality music, especially electronic/computer music, is so easy to make with all the technology and free online tools out there.

I can make tons of Merzbow type noise music, for example, using Audacity free software.

To "protect" and "restrict" your music is paranoid, unproductive, and self-defeating ultimately.

Download free mp3s of my current Str8 Sounds electro, and my former art rock NYC band Camouflage Danse, here at my New Reformed Insane Blog Media Network site on Ning:

New Reformed Insane

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why you need to grab what you can immediately! Thanks for all the great postings... I know Ron and he's a cool guy and is probably thinking of reissuing some of this stuff... so gotta respect that.

Anonymous said...

If Ron of The Decayes, does not want us to hear his music or he wants us to pay from some overpriced reissue, then he and all those record shop owners can keep those Decayes albums in the collector bin. Those albums will just continue to collect dust and not influence any future generations.

When those Decayes albums originally came out in the early 80s, they probably only sold like maybe 250 copies at the most, and that's if they even truthfully printed that many. And now, in the year 2007 when Ron and The Decays have the can to finally expand their audience around the world because of downloading, he has made the choice to stop it. To me, this is not a smart move. I guess he likes very tiny royalty check that he gets from overpriced reissues or selling still sealed copies of the originals.

And in my musical view, The Decayes music is not so cool any way. All of the music of The Decayes sounds like some ex-LAFMS dorks trying to make art-punk sounds and it ends up sounding like a worse version
of Nervous Gender, if that's possible. Nothing impressive and very amatuer. Very over hyped stuff.

Losing the Decayes post on Mutants Sounds is NOT a big dea because there's LOTS OF WAY BETTER music on Mutant Sounds that people should hear and listen to instead of wasting time hearing those over hyped Decayes albums. If you did not get to hear those Decayes albums or download them, believe me you are not missing anything that was earth shattering or even essential.

Keep on goin' Mutant Sounds,
Chris C.

costakisp said...


Anonymous said...

Direct Waves had the same problem with the Black Flag posts.

These guys were so much cooler when they were focused on making great music instead of getting fat and old and trolling the internet to deprive new comers to their music.


frostymug said...

Direct Waves had the same problem with the Broken Flag posts.

Anonymous said...

Jim and Eric,

Here is a great site I thought you would like to visit:

There is more from Kuupuu on this site too.

Sometimes 7 or 8 new posts everyday.




Anonymous said...

Yeah, I meant Broken Flag. My bad.

vdoandsound said...

Jeff...Thanks for the heads up...I discovered that site around a week ago. It's a goldmine! I'd equally encourage folks to check it out...

mutantsounds said...

thanks Jeff...this blog is already in my bookmarks about 3 weeks now...great blog for new weird sounds...highly recommented

Anonymous said...

The thing is... It probably wasn't even him. Probably some dude who has a copy, trying to drive up prices on ebay.
A friend took down all of the Hafler Trio he had posted when whatsisname allegedly contacted him.
I told my friend to repost them untile he got an email from a Staalplat adress.

Out here, we can be anyone we want to be.

mIKES said...

There *IS* a Decayes recording available for purchase. Your first anon poster alluded to that by posting the text description, but like an idiot, did not bother to provide the url, as such.

A real 'rocket surgeon'

mutantsounds said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


joisymike was calling the anonymous guy an idiot, not you.


mutantsounds said...

i have to say sorry to joicsymike for the missunderstanding...i thought you were reffering on me...sorry joisymike...i didn't mean it

Anonymous said...

It should totally be Ron's choice if his music is given away for free on the internet.

There have been a lot of LAFMS reissues recently, and this may be a possibility down the line.

I d/l a lot of mp3s through sites like mutant sounds, but do feel the artist should ultimately have control of their work and that should be respected.

Anonymous said...

In part I don't agree with Chris C.: the things we say about Decayes's Music is uncool an the rest. What is cool for Chris C? Oasis? The typical frustated guy who can play a single note but who's the first saying "this is no good".
Anyway, I would buy Decayes cd's if I seen one of them, which was not the case until now. All the downloads I done where: first) to become aware of things I don't know 2) things that I did buy back then (early 80's) and things that I would love to buy if the cds weren't so expensive. rare things means higher prices, because they're for the happy few who could pay LAFMS box. So Ron, all the best for the ressuies snd don't forget the ones who love your music, anywhere in the World.

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