Saturday, October 20, 2007

Schlappmaul -st,LP,1979,Germany

Totally obscure German psych folk LP on private Brutkasten label.Reminding me of Hölderlin,EmTiDI,Brosel Machine,with many traditional instruments,much use of violin and alternate male/female vocals and a strong medieval feeling. Wondering if their 2nd LP "Kommt tu dein..." is as good as this one....A chance for Steve and Allan (you know who) to hear this one!

get it here


Anonymous said...

The fact that I've been overwhelmed by work, these days, kills. Especially, every time I take a quick gander at this blog's untouchably brilliant offerings. You all continue to astound.

Thanks * infinity,

Weird Cheese said...

Oh thx a lot, great record but the rip could be better... ;)

Do you have other great psych-folk records? That would be great.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to try this one thanks a lot!

Der Pate said...

des paten werk sei gelobt!

Irish Bouzouki said...

Ist leider nirgends zu finden. Könnte das bitte mal jemand reuten?