Tuesday, October 16, 2007

V/A:Just A Love Song,LP,1987,Italy/International

This is the very first release of the Italian label Old Europa Cafe ,featuring industrial/noise/experimental acts from all over Europe.Released in red vinyl in limited edition of 500 copies.

A1 Claustrofobia Sólo Una Canción De Amor (5:06)
A2 MCH Band Just A Love Song (2:43)
A3 Gerogerigegege, The Just A Love Song (3:36)
A4 Bene Gesserit Juste Une Chanson D'Amour (3:29)
A5 De Fabriek Gewoon Een Lief Lied (3:10)
A6 Masters Of The Napalm Death Only A Song Of Love (6:10)
B1 Vox Populi! Farat Yek Razale Echr (3:18)
B2 F:A.R. Solo Una Canzone D'Amore (3:59)
B3 Tzarina Q Cut Kun en Kaerlighedssang (2:54)
B4 Algebra Suicide Just A Love Song (2:13)
B5 Merzdow Shek Samo Ljubezenska Pesem (3:21)
B6 Crime 'O' Nautix Nur Ein Liebeslied (5:46)
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