Sunday, October 7, 2007

Las Animas Del Cuarto Oscuro-st,LP,1988+Las Animas,LP,1990,Mexico

Greate,awesome Mexican band,although out of time when these records were released.On the first one heavily influenced by the UK early 80s scene (Cure,Sound,Echo and the Bunnymen,,etc),while in the 2nd one they mix these influences with early Dead Can Dance ones. These records are very rare nowadays and they sell for more than 200US $.Well worth ,imho.

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Holly said...

Great stuff as per usual! Respect and thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Song 5 missing from Las Cuartas album?

Carlo said...

The second LP is missing from the new link. Could you kindly re-up it, please?
Thank you,

2isradikal said...

Another band was Veneno para las Hadas. Check out at:

or soundcloud: