Thursday, October 11, 2007


Rife with pensive minor key tension, this starkly brooding and wonderfully pungent Swedish R.I.O. unit (requested a short while back) features J.Lach'n Jonsson and Johan Hedren in it's line-up, both of whose exceptional solo albums have been posted here in the past. This is tough and gritty stuff, bordering at times on an almost baleful post punk scabrousness and This Heat-like tone of desperation.

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G*WORKS said...

I cannot express enough thanks for this one!

Anonymous said...

Lars "Lach'n" Jonsson said...

Hello Mutant Sounds
I'm happy that you appreciate the music of Ur Kaos, and for the description of their first album.
But I would prefer that you could show a link to the website of the label of this music - Bauta Records, instead of giving the link to Rapid Share, who never have asked us of the permission to spread our music.
Through the site you can also find links to official distributors of our music. You can also listen to samples from our records there.
All the best
"Lach'n" Jonsson - Bauta Records