Saturday, October 20, 2007

N. - Hospital Murders,tape,2004,Italy

N. is the sick death industrial /noise project of one called Davide Tozzoli.No much infos on him ,except that he is Italian.Musically he owes much to early MB sound ,combined with Atrax Morgue noisy sick soundtracks.This release differs fromall his others and it's possibly his best (well for me at least).No noise here.Just ambient soundscapes created by analog sources ,creepy voices creating really morbid atmosphere of psychosis, disease and death.It could be perfect soundtrack for a giallo movie about a sick serial killer addicted to sexual murders in hospitals.
The tape comes in vinyl box with two nice inserts and it's limited to 100 copies.. The tape itself is white with "blood" splashes and Skeletone sticker on A side. Perfect deluxe packaging from Skeletone label! Highly recommended release!
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Admin said...

great N. i just met him yesterday :)

Exeter said...


Another artist calling himself "N".
I thought Helmut Niederhardt of [Multer] had the rights to that...
I'll check this out....
Thanks a lot for everything here..