Saturday, October 13, 2007

V/A:Born Out Of Dreams,LP,1984,UK

Great compilation from 1984 ,that was released in limited to 500 copies edition featuring 12 page booklet with artwork of each of the band.Some of the most important UK experimental /industrial bands of the period featured here:
A1 Fear Of Thought Helen Lane
A2 Enrico Piva Flogging Hour In The HKA
A3 P16.D4 Koronardilatation
A4 O Yuki Conjugate E Tribal
A5 P.D. Im Rausch Der Geschwindigkeit
A6 Nurse With Wound Automating (Again)
B1 Muslimgauze Sakharov
B2 391 Gt'2
B3 New Blockaders, The Seinsart
B4 LLL The Dark Forces Have Taken Over
B5 New 7th Music Coatlicue
B6 Mixed Band Philanthropist Those Who Kissed Now Wept, Those Who Wept Now Sang
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Anonymous said...

Hey check out what the massmirror blog says.

looks like you have nothing to worry about :)

mutantsounds said...

well,the think i'm worrying about is that it says something for more updates.Besides redesigned massmirror is not yet soon as it is proved to be reliable of course i will turn to it:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mutand, you are my favorite blogspot, excellent. I want Else Marie Pade (Denmark electronic pionner) a cd tittle "Face It", with three electronic works. One of them "Sinphonie Magnetophonique" from 1958 !!!, great electronic pionner.

Thanks a lot. You are the best.


Pajamas (like Bahamas) said...

hi guys,

i was wondering if by chance you could post Mirag "Witch Queen Ascending" if you have it.

thank you