Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Booted a little while back in an edition paired with Hal Blaine's wild "Psychedelic Percussion" this drop dead staggering proto-electronica classic from a fellow session drummer in circulation around the same time as Blaine comes on in a technicolor blaze of absurdist electronic merriment and just doesn't let up. Tom Dissivelt, Perrey & Kingsley, David Vorhaus and Mort Garson are the best frames of reference here, with Dissavelt's classic "Electronic Music" LP under the Electrosoniks moniker being the most accurate touchstone for the wildly percolating and cartoonish tuned percussion and electronic popcorn zipping around the stereo field here. Utterly and completely essential.
Note: link removed as this has now been reissued by The Omni Recording Corporation. Check it out here


litlgrey said...

This is a classic and a magnificent record. I just wish I still had the Japanese reissue. Oh, wait... I do!

juicy said...

I've recently discovered your Blog, so many things to my taste!
The link to Anima Sound- Musik Fur Alles seems to be broken, can you revive it and maybe add other Anima Sounds?
Plus,any chance you can get the Gravity Adjusters Expansion Band's 'Hole in the Sky' album, or any other GAEB related? their 'One' re-issue is a great favourite of mine.
Thanks for a great Blog!

Hob Gob said...

Amazing post! Many thanks. Let the minds boggle!

Kristo said...

Whats the difference btwn the japanese issue and the American.I know the American has also the "Psychedelic Percussion" by Hal Blain which is very cool. I wish more of Dissivelt and Baltan were on cd also.I saw a box set of their music on Amazon that came out awhile back.Man I missed out on that one

litlgrey said...

As far as I know, those Japanese CDs were exact reissues, right down to the crushed down artwork.
Don't go my me, though.

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Anonymous said...

lesten to & share this experimental music from northern california. thanks

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meltedrubbersoul said...

Wacked out and awesome, especially July/Ruby. Parade music for Martians!

Thank you, as always.

zamre said...

Classic and Significant.
Zamre Bin Ab. Wahab

edlorado said...

absolutely great stuff thanks!

Anonymous said...

ios this a Lp rip download or a cd rip download?
thanks i cannot difference the feeling !


Anonymous said...

fortunately i'm feeling this is a STEREO VERSION and quite clean and crisp soundings too!

totally blowing bursting if listened with headphones!

thanks for quality this is insuperable expeience in new tunings and inharmonix !

italian cdr army

Anonymous said...

you'll be happy to hear twas recently reishd by omni, long wif some essential egisto macchi's + other glorious ish