Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This stunning and very obscure Italian avant-gardish prog wonder carries whiffs of all sorts of vital left field musical strains. There's a strong simpatico here with Czech dissident rock of the period ala The Plastic People and MCH Band. Several other things come to mind here as well, from the odd combination of angularity and airiness here that touches on the sound of the French Zeuhl band Uppsala, to things more reflective of musical attitudes in their home country, with some of the moves here distinctly mirroring the developments of their Italian contemporaries in Picchio Dal Pozzo, (particularly their later and more R.I.O.-ish material), though with all the endless whirligig intricacy of the arrangements here, this stuff really does also come remarkably close a times to the sound of 90's Japanese avant proggers Tipographica. An essential piece of the puzzle in sorting out the radical legacy of Italian rock of that era.

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Anonymous said...

Great post, I have a copy of this album from another blog a while back - total killer prog-jazz-rock!

best wishes,

Jonas Persson said...

Thank You...!
Astonishing music.

Very interesting avant jazz-rock.

MUTANT SOUNDS are once again doing a cultural deed!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Thanks!!

Alex said...

Excellent album, you can see where the likes of Battles and Tyondai Braxton get their styles from!

Keep them coming

ae said...

Am for a while now looking for an Italian compilation LP: Carne Del Disastro. Anyone has it around?

Discogs info:

Thx if.

zamre said...

Nice to read.
Zamre Ab. Wahab

Daniel said...

Excellent album,total killer prog-jazz-rock! eBay Selling Review

alettriste said...

Very very interesting. Picchio and (obvioously) Typographica are present here and there!

Thank you a lot!

Anonymous said...

This one's completely outta this world