Saturday, April 9, 2011


while the first volume of Alchemy Records' 80's "psychedelic" roundup under the banner of A Begginer's Guide To West Psychedelia failed to tingle my tangle (and which earned Alchemy the quotations around the word psychedelic due to their sometimes indiscriminate application of the term), this second go-round is well worth a peek-in, though identifying some of this as psychedelia is still a bit of a semantical stretch. There's also rather more above-the-marquee talent on hand here to drum up interest, including multiple Boredoms offshoots (Unlimited freak Out Or Die, Omoide Hatoba), though it's the appealingly dumbo psych bluster from Makoto Kawabata and Asahito Nanjo's Leningrad Blues Machine, Gong Derby's amusingly befouled free jazz-meets-Boredoms spew and a slow burning expanse of minimalist psych trance rock from Idiot 'O Clock (easily their finest hour) that are the real reasons to be lending this compendium your ears.

Track listing:

1. Unlimited Freak Out Or Die-Space Disco
2. Folk Tales-Who Can It Be Now
3. Mannish Tone-Catcher In The Rye
4. Leningrad Blues Machine-(title in Japanese characters)
5. Gong Derby-(title in Japanese characters)
6. OXZ-Baby Again
7. Omoide Hatoba-Kichigai
8. Idiot O'Clock-(title in Japanese characters)

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Rob said...

Was curious to know what those Japanese character song tracks were, so I looked them up.

Leningrad Blues Machine's song is パレスとザラ, or "Palace And Zara" (near as I can tell, "zara" means "rough").

Gong Derby's song is メリー, or "Merry".

And Idiot O'Clock's song is まだみたこともない, or Mada Mitakoto Mo Nai, which I would translate as "I Still Haven't Seen It".

c.patera said...

Wow, yeah, this is wayy better than the 1st volume. I'll have to seek this out!