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Thrown onto the ebay market during the first deluge of bootleg activity surrounding the legendary and revered Les Rallizes Desnudes, this disc of LRD leader MIzutani's solo efforts was part of a 10 CDR set of LRD material, the rest of whose contents I've neither the time nor energy to compare with the endlessly booted and reissued LRD market but which are certain to be circulating elsewhere. This appears to be the earliest solo material of his making the rounds and it really is nice stuff, both for in-the-know acolytes of LRD and for those as-yet-unhepped, with west coast psych-indebted acid folk teased out into long, spare and languid drifts. Soporific and beatific bits like these have always been set adrift amidst the inky black and ferocious post-Velvets and proto-Fushitsusha noise psych spew LRD are more legendary for, but daisy chained all together, they offer a very different and rewarding emotional gravity than LRD's infernal inferno.

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Upon downloading, I realized that I had this album - it was instead labled as a Les Rallizes boot found online simply titled "Mizutani", but from the looks like of the website it seems little more official... whatever that implies as far as LRD "releases".. Just thought I'd paste this info here, FYI to anyone wondering if this was different.
(Taken from

MIZUTANI - Les Rallizes Denudes - (SIXE-0203) / CD 1991

1. 記憶は遠い(Mizutani) 5'54"
2. 朝の光L'AUBE (Mizutani / Kubota) 1'37"
3. 断章1(Konno Masanori / Mizutani) 3'45"
4. 断章2(Unknown / Mizutani) 1'45"
5. 亀裂(Mizutani) 4'35"
6. THE LAST ONE (Mizutani) Live Version 22'14"
7. 黒い悲しみのロマンセotherwise Fallin' Love With (Mizutani) 8'05"

1 - 6 All Tracks Recorded in Kyoto '70 Studio & Live (Monoral), Arrangements by Mizutani / Kubota / Makino
7 Track Recorded in Tokyo '73 Live (Stereo), Arrangements by Les Rallizes Denudes In Kyoto '70
Mizutani Takashi: vocal / fuzz & side guitar
Makino Tadanaka: all purcussions
Kubota Makoto: backing lead guitar also lead guitarof the first half in the6th track / bass guitar / purcussions(Later he formed the band "Sandii &Sunzets")

In Tokyo '73 Les Rallizes Denudes :
Mizutani Takashi: vocal / lead guitar
Nakamura Takeshi: rythem guitar
Shoda Shunichiro: drums