Thursday, May 31, 2007

Geoffrey Landers -The Ever Decimal Pulse ,1982+Habitual Features ,1983,LPs,USA

Colorado minimal post punk albums. From minimal synth to dark post punk to spaced out synth drones. In the vein of John Bender ,Schleimer K, Second Layer, Dark Day.
Highly recommented!
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Anonymous said...

I bought Habitual Features when it first came out, when I was intrigued by the spraypaint cover art and the instrumentation listed on the back cover (tablas, screams, etc.). What a great purchase. I've been eagerly seeking more from Landers ever since. I found your blog posting through one of my semi-regular searches, and I'm most pleased to learn of another Landers album -- and a digital rip of it to boot! Thank you thank you thank you!

Unknown said...

I picked up "The Ever Decimal Pulse" for .25 cents in a dump bin at a used record store in Columbia Missouri in 1986. Sadly, it did not come with the original album jacket or nifty silver insert. I still have it..!

chris sessions said...

Listening to 'ground zero' right now. What a great track! Thanks for sharing this :) Interesting that it's from Colorado too, because that's where I'm at. Thanks again for all the amazing tunes here at Mutant Sounds. You rule!