Monday, March 19, 2007


This is weird and wild music played in a psychedelic and proto-prog way more than it’s played in the progressive way most of us know Osanna for. Everything on this record seems to have a mirror-side of opposites to it. If there’s a bad harmonica line – like the line in the beginning – then there’s a good one, found in “Everybody’s Gonna See You Die”. If there’s a cheesy tenor saxophone (song 2) then one might find good tenor and baritone saxes elsewhere.
Some songs are in English – the abovementioned, “Lady Power” and “Mirror Train” – for some reason unknown to me, I don’t understand why ‘cause they are rather bad, with exception for “Everybody’s Gonna See You Die”. Now, I have read somewhere I can’t remember that “L’Uomo” like “Milano Calibro 9” is a soundtrack to some obscure Italian film and maybe that has something to do with it, though I still don’t get the point of why they have three English tracks on it. The songs also float together without any pauses other than the obvious LP one. So one might guess it’s at least a concept album of some sort.
Still here are many excellent moments of music, like many parts with strong electric guitar, bass, drums, flute and on top of that often some acoustic guitars and some organ. These parts remind me of Jethro Tull. The bad parts often sound like your average 60s/70s rock band desperately trying to give life to some tired old riff or melody that weren’t even good the first time around, like the album “Ballad of a Peaceful Man” by Gravy Train, a record I find tremendously overrated.
Following the post of their masterpiece ,"Palepoli",here comes their 1st LP.Not as outstanding as "Palepoli",but yet very very good!
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